Each appointment starts with a brief and thorough assessment of your body, and bony structures assessing your strengths and postural patterns.  With a blend of Deep Tissue, Myofascial Rebalancing and Active Isolated Stretching your postural patterns are released, restoring a more optimal balance.   Pamela is fascinated with the spine and the body's balance.  She works to release imbalances big and small to restore ease.   

Mindful Movement and Yoga 

Work and play with greater ease

Optimal Balance Massage and Bodywork combines Deep Tissue, Myofascial Rebalancing, Active Isolated Stretching and more with a thorough assessment of your bony framework, muscular range of motion and postural patterns to relieve pain and allow you to achieve peak performance in sports, and work and play with greater ease.

​​​Optimal Balance Massage and Bodywork 

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Myofascial Rebalancing

Light myofascial work that can make profound changes in how your body stacks up relieving chronic pain.  This modality can release old postural patterns creating long lasting change.  

Myofascial Rebalancing

Movement to support your treatment goals as your body changes.  Stretch areas with limited ROM and increase strength to support a balanced body, allowing you to work and play with greater ease. 

​Improve and maintain mobility

Optimal Balance Massage and Bodywork

​​​​​Optimal Balance Massage and Bodyworkis a private Kirkland clinic that provides  personalized massage to help busy people balance their work and lifestyles. 
Pamela Meyers, owner and therapist, has been practicing massage for 27 years. She is passionate about massage and the benefits clients can achieve through massage.

She provides a deeply relaxing massage with slow work in specific areas to rebalance your body to relieve your aches and pains, leaving you relaxed, rejuvenated, able to work and play with greater ease.


Relief from Headaches and migraines

Back and Hip Pain Relief

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Orthopedic Bodywork and Massage

Pamela conducts a brief yet thorough assessment to tailor a massage to give you the best results. Her background in architecture enables her to see bodily structural issues from a scientific standpoint. She uses her clinical massage skills and then adds her knowledge of anatomy and her intuition to craft a holistic massage. Pamela loves to learn new methods from other practitioners and instructors, as well as from the many challenges her clients present. She is always exploring new techniques to optimize and personalize your massage experience. Type your paragraph here.

Relief from Chronic Pain

Chronic pain may be caused by fascia and muscular tightness pulling your body out of balance.  Exciting new research shows fascia has more nerves than muscles and tells the brain where your body is in space. 

  • Repositioning your fascia can clear old patterns and decrease pain. 
  • With a combination of light, but profound myofascial release, specific deep tissue and active isolated stretching, old painful patterns can be cleared.

Headaches can be debilitating.  Specific massage and bodywork focused on releasing the hypertense muscles in your neck and shoulders can release chronic patterns and create long term relief from pain.

  • Tight muscles in the shoulders and neck send pain up to your head.   

  • range of motion testing allows the Pinpoint specificity to create release of pain patterns.  Movement and stretches keeps you feeling good after your session.

Concerned about maintaining mobility?

Massage can help.  Research shows when a joint becomes less mobile other joints are forced to pick up the slack, often reducing mobility and causing pain. 

  • Massage, Active Isolated stretch and individualized movement homework can help keep you moving well. 

  • Range of motion testing  can indicate which muscles are tight and pulling you out of optimal balance.


  • Focused treatment can help   restore movement.

Expert at relieving back pain.  My approach is to work on the areas causing you pain and also look at the the whole body to see the patterns contributing to the pain pattern. 

  • Often imbalances in the hip and legs pull the body out of balance forcing the back to compensate. 

  • Once these patterns are cleared your back pain      may be greatly reduced.