Massage Specialties

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Pamela starts each appointment with a brief and thorough assessment of your body, and bony structures to accurately assess which muscles are tight and which muscles are being pulled out of balance.  She then blends together her knowledge of anatomy and intuition to blend Deep Tissue, Myofascial, Rebalancing,  Muscle Energy Technique and Active Isolated Stretching to create the optimal treatment for your goals and body.

Orthopedic Massage


The human body is symmetrical from side to side, however most of us use our body differently from side to side. Most of us have a dominant side that we use for specific tasks. For example, we write with one side, and we use only one leg for each driving function. Almost all sports employ the dominant side of the body. The human body is an amazing creation that is designed to function with imbalances, but when the body gets too far out of balance, the result can be painful.

Pamela's primary focus is on re-balancing your body. First, she analyzes the bony framework, looking at the possible larger deviations of your body from front to back and side to side, looking at the height of your hips, any side bends or rotation of your spine. Then she determines whether you have forward head or shoulder posture. Finally, she takes a closer look at the smaller curves of the spine. Any of these postural distortions can cause muscular discomfort and nerve pain.

Massage and Bodywork Treatments begin with the assessment and combine Deep Tissue, Muscle Energy Treatment, Active Isolated Stretching and Myofascial Rebalancing.

Deep Tissue accesses the deeper tissues to release tight muscles, using any or all of the techniques below. Pamela works slowly into your muscles, contacting deeper structures to release anomalies and adhesions that cause muscular tension. This helps restore balance to affected areas. Deep tissue massage does not need to hurt to get results. By slowly working and warming the tissue to meet muscle resistance Pamela is able to gradually release tension, trigger points and adhesions. Some of the latest and best techniques are gentle, allowing tissues to release almost painlessly. Gentle techniques can be powerful and effective tools to help relieve new injuries and chronic pain.

Muscle Energy Technique works with the neurological system to help reset tension in muscles using gentle hold/relax techniques. The more completely you contract a muscle, the more completely it relaxes. The body will set a "new normal tension" and retain the new tension as demands on the body change. This technique can help reset long term patterns which can cause chronic pain.

Trigger Point Therapy seeks to find and destroy small nodules of jammed up muscle tissue that refers pain to other areas of the body. These areas are called trigger points. Pamela's assessments enable her to determine the location of trigger points where pain and discomfort are felt. She then follows the trigger points to determine the exact source of the pain. For example, shoulder plan can originate from the neck, so working the shoulder will not solve the underlying problem. 

Pregnancy Massage Massage very beneficial and comforting throughout your pregnancy.  Massage can help your body adjust to the changing demands and balance and the muscle soreness that can come from the additional weight of the growing baby.   As your life changes to accommodate a child, massage gives you time for yourself.  Massage can help reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, and improve labor outcomes and newborn health.  If you are experiencing complications during pregnancy, discuss your condition with your doctor or midwife first.